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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blue and Orange Anchor Cookies

Hi Blog Folk!  Last week one of my dear friends from High School celebrated her Bridal Shower, and I was thrilled to do some custom cookies for the event.  The lovely bridal party hosted the day at the Winthrop Yaught Club, so the Nautical theme was present throughout.

I went with a basic Sugar Cookie recipe that I've used often, and sketched out the design after several google searches for "Anchor cookies."  Conveniently, the Bride and Groom both have a last name beginning with "R" so I decided on a cursive initial to really customize the whole look.

The whole process took a bit longer than usual, because of my favorite little distraction:

But slowly and surely, the cookies started to come together.

A little wrapping and ribbon and we are shower ready!

Not bad eh?

I just agreed to do some more custom cookies this month for a very adorable little girl's first birthday!  I'll be sure to share them with you :)

Happy Baking!