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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Hello Folks! So sorry for being MIA this month. I've been on two back to back business trips and overall just insanely busy. I haven't forgotten about my blog though! nor have I stopped baking. But seeing as my camera is still busted, and I've had very little free time, I have admittedly, been slacking on the blog-front.

I've made a couple things over the past few weeks, both repeats, so I haven't posted recipes. but in case you're curious:

I made my from-scratch brownies again, this time mixing in some white chocolate chips, and chocolate chunks, directly into the batter. yum.

And just this past week I had some quickly-browning bananas, so I whipped up some B-Bread once again.

Joe and I devoured this whole thing in about 1.5 days. seriously, try this recipe. now.

Anyway some things to look forward to in the near future: Apple pie from scratch, a birthday cake, a new fun experimental cookie b/c I haven't done that in eons, and a complete cookie platter for my cousin's bridal shower.

Until we meet again!

-The Cookie Monster :)

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