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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Apple Pie Mania!

Today was one of the annual Buell family baking marathon days. In honor of fall, and apple picking season, my Auntie Barbara, Jamie and I, and our Crowley cousins make the short trek out to Apple country for the harvest. This is followed immediately by some serious pie baking. Why bake one pie when you can bake 6 right? But this year....we actually managed to bake 10.

Step One: Drive out to Western Mass and pick some apples.

Me and My sister under an apple tree:

Me Auntie BB and Jenn :

Step two: Pull out your ancient cookbook full of secret recipes, bonus points if it falls apart on contact.

I'm actually not sure what the exact recipe was for these pies, as we were pretty much divided into tasks. I can tell you I probably sliced a few million apples though. I'm still sticky.
Auntie Babs was largely in charge of making the crust:

Jame, Jenn and I were slaving away at the apple peeling/slicing:

Check out this sink FULL of apple peels. This was only about half way through.

Here's Jenn filling the pies:

One down. We actually thought we'd made 9 pies and then we realized upon counting that we'd actually made 10. One for the freezer :) woo!
The finished product! Definitely a big project. Stay tuned for our Mass Gingerbread bake-athon coming in December. That one is even crazier :)

Happy Baking!

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  1. as always awesome i love the smell too good job