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Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Bridal Shower!!!!

Hello blog friends! I have been MIA for a couple of weeks, largely due to a very busy schedule. I have only engaged in one baking adventure which was pretty much an epic failure, BUT I wanted to share with you some fun cooking related news: Yesterday was my Bridal shower! Above is a picture of me with my flower girls and bridesmaids after the gift-bonanza. I cannot believe what wonderful generous families Joe and I have on both sides of the Aisle. We are very blessed.
These were the cookie favors made by my sister, cousin and aunt. Look familiar? http://shan-thecookiemonster.blogspot.com/2010/12/buell-family-gingerbread-marathon.html

How cute are they???

And here is our new toaster! It has an LED display that counts down the "toasting cycle." I mean seriously? This thing is like a space ship....

Our kitchen is now appliance central....

Spices.....I'm sure these will be used in subsequent blog posts....

Cookie cutters! But of course! From my darling friend Kristin :)

A whole cabinet's worth of bakeware. OH MAN. I almost don't want to use it, it's all so beautiful.

Very Very shiny pots. It won't take me long to bang these up.....

And finally, me and Joe. In cookie form.

I will be attempting to rectify my recent baking failure shortly. I tried to make some chocolate meringues, which I'm admittedly inexperienced with. Basically I had some soft peaks, added sugar, and instead of stiff peaks, I ended up with zero peaks. Maybe even negative peaks. Big Sigh. I'll figure it out soon ;)

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