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Saturday, May 19, 2012

A New Oven, and a Thank You!

Big news straight out of my kitchen!  Thanks to the huge generosity of Joe's Auntie Debbie, we are the proud owners of a much newer, much nicer Oven!  Woohoo!  And you know what that means, dear blog friends: More, bigger, and better cookies.

Ta-da!  For the maiden voyage, I thought it was only fitting to make some Thank You cookies for Auntie Deb.  I went for some classic chocolate chip cookies, which I don't make often enough, I think.

Using my Go To Chip-Cookie recipe, I whipped up a batch, and admired them, as they baked, through the little viewing window....wow....this is a big step up from our 1970's clunker of yesteryear....

oooooh, ahhhhh

A new era of cookie baking has begun! 

Thanks Auntie Debbie!

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