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Friday, November 25, 2011

Our First Thanksgiving (and mini thumbprint cookies!)

Happy Black Friday peeps!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Joe and I definitely did!  We hosted family from both sides for our first ever formal dinner party, and we got to use all kinds of fun fancy diningware that we've had stored away since our wedding.  Believe it or not, most of the baking was contributed by our guests (shout outs to Birdie and Jame!) but I did manage to whip up little shortbread thumbprint cookies, with a trio of fillings.

Using my favorite sugar cookie recipe I rolled out tiny cookie balls....

dug some little "thumbprint" holes with the end of a wooden spoon....

And filled them u p with raspberry jam, dark chocolate or orange chai marmalade. yum.

Sprinkle of powdered sugar, and we're ready for Turkey day!

Well, almost ready.  Then I had to make the stuffing....

Brine the Turkey....

Get the Venison Roast going in the crock pot (actually, this can be credited to Joe)....

Bake the Turkey and set the table....

But through all the craziness, we pulled off a pretty great dinner.  Joe and I are so very Thankful for our family, friends, and our new life together :)  What a great day.


Happy Thanksgiving, and good luck diving in to the holidays!  Let the madness begin!

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  1. looks like a well done Thanksgiving :)
    sounds like you and Joe had a great holiday!

    ... i'll have to try those cookies some time! noms