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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Flourless Nutella Cookies (SO EASY)

Here's a quick and easy one for you guys!  I realized today that I've been making an awful lot of (mini) muffin type baked goods and thought that it was high time I refocused on what is important in life: Cookies!

Our dearest cuzzie Danielle is coming over for dinner tonight with her new boy, and although I wasn't planning on doing a dessert, these were just too easy to NOT make. 

There are 3 ingredients.  You heard me.  3. And one of the ingredients is Nutella.  Score.  I found this on pinterest (actually everything I've cooked in the last 5 days I found on pinterest, let's be honest) and it came from a very cool blog called The Wicked Noodle.  They are Wicked good.

All you need is 1 cup of Sugar 1 cup of Nutella, and 1 egg.   That's it.   Just mix.....

Plop em on the cookie sheet (they will spread out A LOT because of the lack of flour, so make sure to give them room).

and bake for 8 minutes at 350.  Let these cool for a good 5 minutes before you try to take them off the cookie sheet.  These are thin and chewy and packed with yummy Nutella flavor.  I liked them immediately.

I am typically a soft and buttery cookie person, as opposed to a thin and crispy cookie person.  However, I really like these cookies.  They are tasty, they are different, and come on, 3 ingredients!? I'm still in awe.

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