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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mini Champagne Cupcakes for My Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day blog friends! I hope you are all having a lovely time on this most controversial of holidays.  Love it or Hate it, you must admit it is a great excuse for some special baked treats and some special Bubbly :)

My Lovely Husband generally does something very sweet for me along the lines of this:

So to make sure he feels special too today I decided to make some Champagne Cupcakes that I spotted on pinterest.  The recipe is originally meant for four regular sized cupcakes, but in all my wisdom I have misplaced my muffin baking pan.  I have not, however, misplaced my mini muffin baking pan.  Mini Cupcakes it is.

This recipe is stirrable by hand, which I love.... I decided to forgo the pink food coloring, since I was using regular champagne and not pink champagne.  And I didn't wanna make it too "Girly" for The Hubs.

I baked these for 10 minutes which may have been about 30 seconds too long.  I would check them at 9 next time....

Then it was frosting time, I opted for a simple swirl, and some gold and red sprinkles....

Ahhhh heavenly champagne cupcakes.....ahem....I mean mini cupcakes....

Ready for another great valentines day... These were pretty delish actually!  Very subtle flavors, definitely pretty, and of course a little special. 

Even if Valentine's day isn't your thing, definitely give these little cupcakes a shot.  New Years, Birthdays, Graduations or retirement parties.....the possibilities are endless.

Happy Baking! And Happy Valentines!

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  1. so sweet. great job shannon..

    happy valentine's day