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Sunday, February 5, 2012

History of a Cookie Project

Hello Blog friends!  Well my Patriots just royally blew it in the super bowl so I suppose it's time for a blog post!  I have been MIA for a couple of weeks largely because I've been meticulously planning for my latest for-hire project, which was by far the biggest and most elaborate paid job to date (There seems to be a trend no?)

My good friend Jenny works as an outside sales manager for Oxford University press, and has a new History book she really wants to push out in her territory.  Months ago she asked if I would be interested in doing a "world/earth" cookie with the author's name on it as a promotion for the new book.  I was obviously pumped about it, and started planning way back in December.  There was a lot of excitement when the baking weekend finally arrive, and a lot of pressure! Check out the process after the jump.....

As with most of my elaborate cookies, I went with my go to Sugar Cookie Recipe since it's easy, dependable, and most importantly delicious.  I baked all the cookies at once (all 150 of them) which was actually the easy part.

Then is was time to frost.  In order to make "earth" with my limited artistic ability, I opted to do the oceans all first....

For details on the Process of using royal icing, check out my Lady Bug Cookies.

Ta-Da. Then I let them dry overnight.  The next day, it was all green, all the time.

Little Earths everywhere.

Then it was time to add the Author's last name to each cookie.  It just Barely fit. 

I feel a strange urge to meet this man, after writing his name 150 times on cookies.

Finally it was time to package these babies up with little ribbons, and a little branding.

And carefully pack them away for delivery.

Aaaaaaand of course the extras didn't go to waste....

Can't wait to drop them off tomorrow!  Happy Baking!

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