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Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Clipped Greetings Cookie Platter

Happy Sunday!  Today I had the pleasure of attending a "Card Party" held by my dear friend Kyle and her company Clipped Greetings.  She suggested over a few beverages that I bake some cookies for the occasion, and bring along some business cards to promote my blog.  Seeing as I did not have any business cards, I slapped some stickers on some cute card stock, and got to baking up some tasty treats....

I wanted to make some personalized cookies to showcase the "Favor" type baking I've been doing lately, so I used my trusty old white-chocolate sugar recipe and my lettering cookie cutter to come up with some brand-name cookies. 

Then I whipped up some Royal Icing to do a bit of light decorating.

I came up with a few swirl patterns, a couple of flowers, and one pair of scissors that looks suspiciously like a lop-sided flower, but close right?

 I also made some Gingersnaps and some chocolate spritz cookies to complete my platter, those recipes will be up in the next couple of days....


After I had them all wrapped up for the trip, I noticed I'd broken one of the sugar cookies without even walking out the door.  Sigh.  Cookie-transportation is by far the most stressful part of baking.

Stay tuned for a bunch of new posts this week (and probably one more today!) It's been a busy baking weekend!

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